Our Evolution

When former city engineers Elmer Giffels and Frank Webster joined forces, they may not have envisioned Giffels Webster with team members registered in nearly every state.

Giffels Webster was founded as The Giffels Engineering Company by Elmer Giffels in 1952 and became Giffels-Webster Engineers, Inc. when Frank Webster joined the firm in 1956.

Throughout the years the company grew its expert team, service offerings and geographic reach. In time, the company has developed a unique perspective that offers cost-effective and creative solutions, vision that foresees quality of life and balance that delivers solutions tailored for many needs.

The company shed boundaries of being strictly civil engineering experts, growing into a multidisciplinary infrastructure and land development consulting firm. In 2016, it acquired the planning company, Clearzoning®, to expand its community-planning consultation offerings.

Today, Giffels Webster remains a trusted partner and advisor to architects, developers, city managers, construction teams and more, providing counsel on how to make projects — whether public, private or institutional — buildable, profitable and enduring.

As we have since our inception, Giffels Webster continues to deliver value through insightful solutions for the communities we serve. Since day one, each project we touch gives our clients lasting return and enhanced quality of living.