Our Groove

With our well-seasoned team, we’ve acquired special skills and tailored expertise in a number of areas that complement our core services. We often pair these aptitudes into the projects we complete for our clients, but can provide support for specialized requests.

Call them niches or specialties if you like but we’re happiest when we’re in our groove.



When planning for the future of your community, one of the best implementation tools is your zoning code. Our mantra is that a well-organized and easy-to-read zoning code engrained with sustainable regulations will lead to responsible development that improves the quality of life within the community as envisioned.

Our proprietary Clearzoning® product is used to transform conventional zoning code into a digital format that is easier to understand and quicker to reference. We also specialize in developing Form-Based Codes for placemaking, conducting zoning sustainability audits to ensure codes are up-to-date, and implementing sustainable zoning practices for future community prosperity.


Grant Writing

Complicated requirements, tight deadlines and lengthy forms can hinder your community from successfully applying for grants to improve infrastructure, traffic control, recreation areas, ADA compliance, and other functional and cosmetic updates for public spaces.

We have successfully prepared and submitted multiple winning grant applications for our clients, including those offered through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, Federal Local Safety Program – MDOT, Recreation Bond Fund, Land and Water Conservation Fund and Clean Michigan Initiative Bond Fund.


Complete Streets

Effective and efficient transportation is vital to every community – and every community has special transportation needs. We’re firm believers that a municipality’s transportation network should accommodate motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, with an emphasis on finding a balance that meets the needs of the community.

We work closely with municipalities, government agencies and community development groups to create transportation plans that provide for motorized and non-motorized transportation and increase the safety and functionality of the entire transportation network.


Urban Development

Urban communities pose unique planning and construction challenges. Our Detroit heritage and history of public and private projects within the city has granted us the know-how to meet the needs of our clients.

Whether converting a historic hotel into industrial loft-style condos or designing a park, we can help you navigate the development process, from permitting and construction to budgets and profitability.

For urban municipalities looking for fresh ideas, our Next Steps for Downtown® solution brings our team of planning, urban design, landscape architecture and traffic engineering experts together to determine what’s working and what needs work downtown. We’ll develop a toolkit of downtown best practices and an implementation guide that assigns short-term and mid-term actions to key stakeholders.


ADA Compliance

Through clear and routine communication with government experts and a balance of expertise, resources and capabilities, we can help you achieve Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Our team, which is registered in 48 states, can foresee potential issues and provide solutions meeting current federal, state, and local regulations.

We routinely counsel national retailers, residential developers and municipalities on how to accurately meet the strict criteria for ADA compliance. Our proven process determines the exact specifications to be met, incorporates them into project engineering, and effectively communicates with the contractors and the Department of Justice to ensure the job is properly executed.


Asset Management

We help you make educated business decisions by identifying all of your properties’ expenses and income opportunities. We monitor your assets with granular detail and eliminate the potential for unanticipated surprises.

Proven methods minimize operational costs through efficient energy and lighting use, ADA compliance and the implementation of cost-effective site improvements. Whether you’re a retailer, property management company, municipality or school, we can provide you with a strong maintenance plan so you’re confident in your building’s short- and long-term condition.


Land Development Entitlements

Transforming a property from one use to a new one can be a daunting task. We’re here to simplify the land development entitlements, freeing up valuable time to manage other critical parts of the development process.

Our philosophy is to create working, shopping and living environments in harmony with each other and their surroundings. Whether its assistance with site planning, zoning, permits or more, we’re here to help realize the maximum potential of any property.