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Loren Crandell , PE, LEED AP

I’m most inspired by the can-do attitudes and sense of accomplishment my coworkers bring to the job. My role at Giffels Webster is to encourage and inspire others as I help set a clear vision for the company and get everyone involved to work toward it.

I believe civil engineering is a profession of high ethical standards that has helped greatly improve our quality of living.  The power of our work to transform degraded wetlands, save endangered species and eliminate sewage backups keeps me smiling every day I’m on the job.

I get my work ethic from my dad … he was a dynamo who taught us to love working on our family farm. My goal is to inspire people to work half as hard as he inspired us to.

My beautiful wife and fearless children are a huge part of my life.  I enjoy adventures, camping, traveling, gardening and most recently, skiing.