ADA Compliance

Through clear and regular communication with government experts and a balance of expertise, resources and capabilities, Giffels Webster helps you with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Our team can identify potential issues, and we understand the current federal, state, and local regulations.

We routinely counsel retailers, residential developers and municipalities on how to accurately meet the criteria. Our proven process determines the exact specifications to be met, incorporates them into project engineering, and effectively communicates with the contractors and the Department of Justice to ensure the job is properly executed.

In addition, our staff is registered in 48 states and has helped national retail clients with their needs in multiple states. By consolidating their compliance programs with Giffels Webster, these clients streamline the process and create an efficient process that produces significant results.

“We came to Giffels Webster with the need to rehabilitate approximately 1,500 Kmart stores across the country for ADA compliance and other issues. They were instrumental in the creation of a seven-year program to tackle this project. The commitment and vision of their staff to help develop and operate within our program has been instrumental to its success. They have a proven approach to performing this task with great precision and accuracy, regardless of the particular geographic region.”
Renee Schroyer, Civil Designer, Sears Holdings Co.

Case Studies

  • Kmart ADA Compliance Program

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  • Novi ADA Transition Plan

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  • The Pantry ADA Compliance Program

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  • Upper Woodward ADA Program

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