Moreover, we’ll help ensure all stakeholders are happy by weighing design, initial cost, longevity, maintenance, construction and aesthetics throughout every step of the project.

With our expertise in designing and managing the construction of roads and parking lots across the nation, you receive transportation systems built for safety and efficiency.

We also take infrastructure design further with the incorporation of Complete Streets philosophies. These plans help communities create a more sustainable environment by reducing vehicle exhaust emissions and energy consumption while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

We can show you how to implement non-motorized improvements with existing road rights-of-way without major construction. With municipal budgets a challenge, our innovative recommendations provide a realistic way to put plans into action.

“Giffels Webster delivered a buildable, under-budget plan for the Corktown-Mexicantown Greenlink, a series of bike lanes connecting our two historic Detroit neighborhoods. The firm handled financial and bureaucratic issues, changes in leadership and any number of roadblocks along the way with grace and aplomb.”
Kelli Kavanaugh,  Vice President, Greater Corktown Development Corp.

“From the design of the township’s sole sanitary sewer outlet with the Hayes Road Sewer to the creation of a comprehensive road inventory and master plan, the Giffels team has demonstrated both their technical expertise and unsurpassed management skills.”
Dan O’Leary, Supervisor, Charter Township of Washington

“Their expertise in non-motorized transportation and urban redevelopment resulted in a plan that balances the needs of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and property owners within our eclectic district.”
Susan Mosey, President, University Cultural Center Association

Case Studies

  • Urban Non-Motorized Transportation

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  • New Center Non-Motorized Report

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  • Midtown Greenway Non-Motorized Report

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  • Southwest Detroit Greenlink

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  • Commerce Martin Parkway

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  • Campus Martius

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