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Scott Clein , PE, LEED AP

It may seem like a big leap from road design to improving the quality of life in our cities, but I make that jump every day. A self-professed “city guy”, I grew up on Hart Plaza festivals, Tigers games and weekend Eastern Market trips. They created a passion for urban spaces that has evolved into my near obsession for urban redevelopment, complete streets and connectivity.  In Detroit, I see an unprecedented opportunity to create the first American city of the 21st century in a sustainable and people-centric manner.  This opportunity is one of the reasons I get out of bed everyday.

I manage Giffels Webster’s Detroit office and oversee design teams, help guide corporate strategic planning and assist in business development efforts.  My passion for urban living, along with TONS of caffeine, allows me to help set the visionary tone for the firm and keep my teammates focused on sustainable designs. I’m a big-picture strategist and enjoy challenging, when we can, conventional engineering thinking. (Bike lanes on Woodward?!)

In my spare time, I’m a huge fan of sports, movies and general pop culture, meaning I regularly get to annoy my wife and daughter with useless trivia and movie quotes.