Our experience provides project clarity. This helps our team anticipate pitfalls before they become issues, from land use, zoning and utilities to environmental restrictions and much more. In addition, we highlight potential costs from the beginning so you can plan and allocate your resources effectively.

We evaluate the land and show you its greatest potential. We’re there to recommend the best solution that’s buildable, economically sound and environmentally sensitive. And always with an eye toward a long-term solution.

We deliver a comprehensive suite of planning services:

“As part of a complex multi-phase effort, Giffels Webster has helped reinvigorate the existing strengths of the property and create new features to improve access to and circulation within the project. The Giffels Webster team identified concepts for improving problem areas and then designed innovative solutions to achieve the look and feel that HHT envisioned for re-creating the lifestyle center.”
Tom Zabor, Vice President of Development, HHT Devco, LLC on Fountain Walk, an open air retail and entertainment center